Jeramie Kling - Drums
Kevin Gibbons - Bass
Taylor Nordberg - Guitar
Daemon Benton - Vocals
Dave Stein - Keyboards
Steven Harger - Guitar

Emerging from the swamps of South Florida in 2004, INFERNAEON was created with the intent of unleashing a style that combines the sounds of Floridian death metal with the symphonic approach of European black metal. INFERNAEON quickly made a name for itself in Florida with its brutal music and a brash, memorable stage show.

Shortly after the creation of the band, INFERNAEON entered the studio to record their first demo, "ORACLE OF ARMAGEDDON", which was well received among the local Florida scene. It later went on to make its way nationally where it continued to gain much praise.

In 2006 the band entered the studio and recorded their second demo, "A SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING", which would later be released as an album in 2007. A SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING featured guest vocals from BEN FALGOUST (GOAT WHORE/SOILENT GREEN), and KEITH DEVITO (CATASTROPHIC/OBITUARY/SUFFOCATION). Again, the band found their sound was well received among the metal scene, only this time on a much larger scale.

They went on to tour over the next several years in support of it, playing with many bands including PYREXIA, SONS OF AZREAL, CREMATORIUM, VITAL REMAINS, and SKINLESS, as well as many others.

In 2010 the band was ready to enter the studio and begin recording their much anticipated second and first full length album, "GENESIS TO NEMESIS", featuring guest guitar work by BILL HUDSON (CIRCLE II CIRCLE) and JOHN SLAUGHTER (CALDERA). Additional guest vocals were provided by none other than ODERUS URUNGUS himself of the legendary band GWAR on INFERNAEON's cover of CREEPING DEATH (METALLICA). The band received amazing reviews once again, even receiving an 8.4 in Terrorizer magazine, before going on to support GENESIS TO NEMESIS with GWAR, THE CASUALTIES, and MOBILE DEATHCAMP on the "BLOODY PIT OF HORROR" tour in late 2010. INFERNAEON subsequently received regular airplay on XM/Sirius and numerous radio stations across the country and the Internet.

Now…once again…INFERNAEON has a new album to unleash to the masses, entitled “THE CANCER WITHIN”. Produced/recorded/mastered by JAMES MURPHY (TESTAMENT/DEATH/OBITUARY) and mixed by PETER TÄGTGREN (HYPOCRISY/PAIN), this album has a release date of August 27, 2013.